Wedding in Corsica: view from Bonifacio

Dream locations for a wedding in Corsica

Do you dream of a wedding in Corsica, but don't know where to celebrate it? Discover 5 dream locations for an unforgettable wedding on the island of beauty.

Corsican flag

Do you dream of celebrating your union in Corsica, that sublime island that awakens the senses? You've made the perfect choice: Corsica, with its harmonious blend of sea and mountains, is a heavenly destination to seal your love. This land promises diverse and magnificent landscapesa rich gastronomyas well as a authentic culture that will delight your guests.

Whether you are considering a wedding in corsica on an idyllic beach or the rustic charm of a wedding estate in corsica the island of beauty offers the perfect setting to suit your desires and your budget. So when you're thinking about wedding in Corsica pricesWe've got something for everyone, with a wide range of products to personalize your dream day.

However, faced with the abundance of reception venue options in Corsica, how do you make the right choice? What are the key factors for organizing a memorable wedding on this island? And what administrative procedures need to be anticipated?

Don't worry, we're here to help you find your way around and present you with a range of dream locations for an unforgettable wedding in Corsica. Let us guide you!


wedding on the beach in corsica

Corsican wedding traditions

Corsican wedding traditions are rich and varied, reflecting the cultural heritage and authenticity of the Isle of Beauty. Here are some of the most striking customs:

  1. The blessing of the covenants Before the ceremony, it's customary for the rings to be blessed by the priest during a mass, symbolizing the sanctification of the union.
  2. The procession Corsican weddings are often accompanied by a noisy and joyful procession. Guests honk and sing to announce the couple's arrival at the church or town hall.
  3. The religious ceremony : The majority of Corsican weddings take place in church, with a full mass and singing in the Corsican language, adding a touch of spirituality and local tradition.
  4. Traditional songs and music Music plays an essential role in Corsican weddings. Polyphonic songs, specific to the island, and instruments such as the cetera (a kind of zither) create a unique and festive atmosphere.
  5. The procession After the ceremony, a procession is formed to accompany the bride and groom to the reception site, often on foot, with singing and dancing.
  6. The festive meal The wedding banquet is a highlight, with typical Corsican dishes such as figatellu (liver sausage), brocciu (fresh cheese) and wild boar stew. The meal is punctuated by toasts, song and dance.
  7. The wedding cake : Traditionally, the Corsican wedding cake is a pièce montée or cake made with local products such as almonds and hazelnuts, often decorated with typical motifs.
  8. The Bear Dance In some regions of Corsica, a folk dance called "la danse de l'ours" is performed, where a man dressed as a bear dances with the guests, symbolizing strength and protection.
  9. Lifting the veil At the end of the evening, it's customary for the bride to remove her veil, a tradition that symbolizes the transition to her new life as a married woman.

These traditions make Corsican weddings events marked by conviviality, joy and respect for ancestral customs, offering guests an authentic and memorable cultural experience.


seaside chapel for a corsican wedding


Paradise beaches for a waterfront wedding ceremony in Corsica

If the fine sand and theturquoise water Corsica's heavenly beaches are sure to please. Among them, three exceptional places to celebrate your union with your feet in the water.

Palombaggia Beach

The beach at Palombaggia, a popular option for an unforgettable holiday Corsica wedding romantic and chic, is the ideal place for those who imagine saying "I do" with the gentle sound of the waves in the background. Particular attention towedding planning in Corsica is required to reserve this popular site, which attracts couples looking for a Corsica wedding feet in the sand.

The spectacle offered by the Cerbicale islands and the sunset over the sea add to the magic of the place.

Lotu Beach

Located in the heart of the Agriates Desert in northern Corsica, Lotu beach is a true hidden gem. Accessible only by boat or via a 4×4 track, it's a real wonder to behold. wild and unspoilt setting makes this the ideal place for a intimate wedding. Its white sand is bordered by scrubland and bathed in crystal-clear water.

From here, the view of Cap Corse and the charming village of Saint-Florent will further enhance your ceremony.

The Gulf of Santa Giulia

The Gulf of Santa Giulia, an extraordinary lagoon south of Porto-Vecchio. With its fine sand beach and its transparent water in a palette of blues and greens, it's an enchanting setting for a wedding ceremony. enchanting and elegant.

The enchantment will continue with the water sports activities and high-quality services offered by the hotels and restaurants in the area, not forgetting the breathtaking view on the bay and islands.


married couple on the beach in corsica


Getting married in Corsica: estates and villas with spectacular views

If the comfort and the luxury of a private home, you'll be charmed by the estates and villas offering spectacular views of the varied surroundings of the wedding venues in corsica. Whether by the sea or in the heart of nature, these spaces offer you an exceptional setting and made-to-measure service.

We have chosen for you three dream locations to celebrate a wedding in an estate or villa in Corsica.

Domaine de Murtoli

Visit Domaine de Murtolilocated between Sartène and Bonifacio in the south of Corsica, is a unique and authentic. Formerly an agricultural estate, it now houses 19 renovated sheepfolds, respecting taste and tradition.

Each bergerie has its own private garden, swimming pool and access to a private beach. You can organize your wedding on the estate, either in a hall, in the garden or on the beach, and enjoy top-of-the-range services: catering, spa, golf, equestrian activities. Domaine de Murtoli is the perfect place for a wedding bucolic and refinedin harmony with Corsican nature.

Villa d'Arone

Visit Villa d'Arone is a luxury villa in Piana, in the magnificent Gulf of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its view of the sea and the famous calanques of Piana is breathtaking. With 6 bedrooms for up to 12 guests, each with its own private bathroom, the villa promises an unforgettable stay.

It features a large living room, open kitchen, terrace, infinity pool and Jacuzzi. Your wedding can take place in the villa's garden, under the charm of a sunset, with the services of a chef at home, a butler and a concierge. Villa d'Arone is the perfect setting for a wedding. romantic and elegant.

The Lagnonu Estate

Visit Lagnonu Estatelocated in Coti-Chiavari on the southern shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio, features 8 contemporary villas built in granite stone, blending seamlessly into the landscape. Each villa boasts a private terrace, heated swimming pool and sea view.

You can celebrate your wedding in the estate's reception hall, which can accommodate up to 200 guests, or in its garden with panoramic views over the gulf. The estate also offers a catering service, shuttle service, equipment rental and made-to-measure decoration.

Domaine de Lagnonu is the ideal location for a wedding chic and friendlyin an unspoilt setting.


Domaine de Lagnonu wedding Corsica
Domaine de Lagnonu wedding Corsica


Unusual locations for a unique wedding

Looking for a unique experience for your wedding? Corse offers you the chance to surprise your guests with exceptionally original venues. Imagine a an unforgettable wedding in a former convent, a lush botanical gardenor on a rock overlooking the sea. Discover with us three magical locations for a unique event on this island of beauty.

The Convent of Pozzo

In the heart of Cap Corse, in Brando, lies the Convent of Pozzoa former 15th-century Franciscan convent. Now transformed into a charming hotel, you can celebrate your union in the chapel, the cloister or the surrounding gardens, offering a truly unique atmosphere. serene and romantic. With 15 elegantly decorated rooms and suites and a restaurant serving fine local cuisine, Le Couvent de Pozzo is the idyllic setting for a ceremony steeped in history and tradition. tranquility.

Antoine's Gardens

Imagine your wedding set in a 4-hectare botanical garden at Bonifacio. Les Jardins d'Antoine, with over 3,000 plant species Mediterranean and exotic, offer an enchanting backdrop for your ceremony. Panoramic views of the sea and cliffs add an extraordinary touch to your wedding. Able to accommodate up to 250 guests, this verdant setting offers a reception area, catering service, decorations and wedding entertainment. simply magical.

Le Rocher

À Porto-VecchioDiscover a spectacular venue for your big day: Le Rocher. Visit pink granite majestically overlooks the sea and the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, offering a breathtaking panorama. This venue can accommodate your wedding party of up to 120 guests, overlooking a memorable sunset. With its marquee, bar and sound services, not to mention the Le Rocher restaurant and its creative gourmet cuisine, this venue promises to be a celebration to remember. unique and grandiose.


corsican wedding and beach ceremony


It goes without saying that Corsica represents a dream destination to celebrate a memorable wedding. If your heart is between paradise beachesestates and villas with a spectacular viewYou're sure to find the perfect place to suit your every whim. Corsica also promises exquisite gastronomya rich culture and sumptuously preserved nature.

So don't delay, get in touch now with a wedding planner in Corsica to orchestrate the most magical day of your life. It's a decision you you won't regret!


Frequently asked questions about organizing a wedding in Corsica

How do I get married in Corsica?

To organize a wedding in Corsica, it is necessary that one of the future spouses or one of their parents or resident of the island. It is also essential to preparing a wedding file to be submitted to the town hall in the commune of your choice for the civil ceremony. This file must include a birth certificate, proof of address, proof of identity and a marriage contract signed by a notary.

Where to get married in South Corsica?

South Corsica is home to beautiful options for wedding venues, from estates to hotels, restaurants and halls. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Finili Estate Located in Cauro, in the heart of the forest not far from Ajaccio.
  • Villa Prussiana Panoramic sea views from Porto-Vecchio.
  • G Beach Sunset A beachfront venue in Bonifacio, perfect for a festive ceremony.
  • Olympus Tizzano Perched on the summits of Col de Zivia in Sartène, it offers an exceptional natural setting.

Why choose Corsica for your wedding?

Corsica offers an idyllic setting for a wedding, with its breathtaking scenery of majestic mountains and heavenly beaches. The island's rich culture and traditions, as well as its pleasant climate, make it the perfect location for a memorable celebration.

What are the best seasons to plan a wedding in Corsica?

The best seasons to get married in Corsica are spring (May and June) and autumn (September and October). These periods offer pleasant temperatures and fewer tourists, allowing you to take full advantage of the scenery without the summer crowds.

What are the most emblematic wedding venues in Corsica?

Emblematic wedding venues in Corsica include :

  • The beaches of Porto-Vecchio and Calvi
  • Perched villages such as Pigna or Sartène
  • The vineyards of Patrimonio
  • Historic residences and castles, such as La Punta Castle

How do I find a good wedding planner in Corsica?

To find a good wedding planner in Corsicait is recommended to :

  • Research online and read customer reviews
  • Ask friends or specialized forums for recommendations
  • Contact several wedding planners to compare their offers and styles
  • Check out their experience in organizing weddings in Corsica

What traditions must be respected at a Corsican wedding?

Corsican weddings are often accompanied by traditions such as :

  • The blessing of the wedding rings by the priest
  • A festive procession with horns and songs
  • A religious ceremony with songs in Corsican
  • A banquet with typical Corsican dishes and traditional music

What's the budget for a wedding in Corsica?

The budget for a wedding in Corsica can vary considerably depending on the number of guests, the venue, the service providers chosen, and the level of personalization required. In general, we recommend a budget of between 15,000 and 35,000 euros for a medium-sized wedding.

How to organize an intimate wedding in Corsica?

To organize an intimate wedding in Corsica:

  • Choose a romantic, private location, such as a secluded beach or a charming villa.
  • Limit the number of guests to close family and friends
  • Opt for a simple, personalized ceremony
  • Choose local service providers for an authentic touch

What documents do I need to get married in Corsica?

To get married in Corsica, you must provide :

  • Birth certificate less than three months old
  • Valid identification
  • Proof of address
  • A sworn statement that you are single or not remarried
  • Publication of the banns at the town hall of the place of residence

Which local suppliers are essential for a wedding in Corsica?

For a successful wedding in Corsica, essential local service providers include:

  • A local wedding planner
  • A caterer specializing in Corsican cuisine
  • A photographer/videographer with local knowledge
  • A music group or traditional singers
  • A florist using local flowers

How do you incorporate elements of Corsican culture into a wedding?

Incorporate elements of Corsican culture into your wedding:

  • Use Corsican songs and music
  • Serve Corsican culinary specialities at your banquet
  • Include local traditions such as the blessing of the rings
  • Choose decorations inspired by nature and the island's colors



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