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Marseille weddings: a complete guide to unforgettable weddings

Plan your wedding in Marseille with our complete guide! Discover the most beautiful venues and the best service providers for your wedding.

Marseille, France, vibrant cosmopolitan city, bathed in Mediterranean sunshine, reveals itself as a ideal wedding destination. Its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage and festive atmosphere make it an idyllic setting in which to celebrate your union. Whether you're dreaming of an intimate ceremony on the city's rooftops or a grand reception in a Provencal château, Marseille offers a multitude of possibilities to suit all tastes and budgets. However, to make your wedding in Marseille or a unforgettable successmeticulous planning is essential. Indeed, this multi-faceted, historic city has its own particularities that you need to take into account if you want to organize a trouble-free event.

This comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the organization of your wedding in Marseille. You'll find expert advice on choosing the ideal venue, selecting quality suppliers, managing logistics for your guests and creating an entertainment program that reflects the spirit of this charming town.


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Choosing the perfect wedding venue in Marseille

For a successful wedding, one of the first steps is to coordinate the location of the ceremony. Marseille offers a wide range of exceptional wedding venueseach with its own unique atmosphere.

Idyllic beaches

  • Beach of the Pointe Rouge : This sandy beach in the south of Marseille is ideal for a chic, bohemian wedding. Here you can celebrate your feet-in-the-sand wedding and enjoy an open-air reception under the Mediterranean sun.
  • Beach Bonneveine : This urban beach, located close to Marseille city center, offers a modern, elegant setting for a contemporary wedding. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and passing boats.

Wedding halls in Marseille

  • Visit Arenc silo : this former grain silo has been converted into an event space, offering a unique and original setting for a special event. urban and trendy marriage. Our large, modular wedding halls in Marseille and panoramic terrace overlooking the sea will welcome your guests in a modern, friendly atmosphere.
  • Villa Gaby : This villa, located in the upscale Saint-Antoine district, offers an elegant, refined setting for a chic, romantic wedding. Its sumptuous lounges and landscaped garden make it the ideal wedding venue in Marseille to celebrate your union in a truly unique setting. dream setting.


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Tips for choosing the perfect wedding venue in Marseille

When choosing among wedding venues in Marseille, it is important to consider several factors:

  • Wedding theme: Do you want a romantic, bohemian, chic or country wedding? The choice of venue will largely depend on the atmosphere you wish to create for your big day.
  • Number of guests : the capacity of the venue must be adapted to the number of guests you plan to invite. It's important not to choose a venue that's too big or too small, to avoid a feeling of emptiness or suffocation.
  • Budget : The price of renting a venue can vary considerably depending on its location, services and time of year. It's important to define a clear budget before starting your search.
  • Services : Some wedding venues offer additional services, such as catering, decoration or entertainment. It's important to compare


Wedding venues in Marseille for weddings in Marseille


Find the right service providers for your wedding in Marseille

The choice of service providers is crucial to the success of your wedding in Marseille. To help you find the best professionals in their field, here are a few useful tips:

Give preference to local service providers

  • By choosing local service providers, make sure they know the area and its particularities inside out. This will enable them to better respond to your needs and offer you personalized services.

Wedding caterers in Marseille

  • Marseille is full of talented caterers that will delight your taste buds and those of your guests. Don't hesitate to sample their creations at wedding fairs or private tastings before making your choice. Don't forget to choose a caterer who offers local and seasonal cuisine, to give your guests an authentic culinary experience. Recommended caterers for your wedding in Marseille include :
    • La Dame Bleue : offers catering services with local and seasonal products for weddings and events, as well as eco-friendly decoration and lighting solutions.
    • Catering workshop We offer top-of-the-range wedding catering services, featuring a variety of culinary workshops and tailor-made menus prepared with local, seasonal produce.
    • Jean David caterer Our wedding planner: offers tailor-made services for weddings, with refined menus prepared by expert chefs, featuring Provencal flavors.


  • A good photographer will capture the most beautiful moments of your wedding day and ensure that you have unforgettable memories. Take a look at the portfolios of several photographers before making your choice. The most famous photographers to organize your wedding in Marseille are :
    • Christophe Battifero He captures the unique moments of weddings with an artistic approach, playing with light and contrast to create timeless images.
    • Marie Lacoste Marseille wedding photographer Marie Lacoste immortalizes precious moments with artistic sensitivity, capturing authentic emotions and intimate details.
    • Amandine Vida photography Amandine Vida photographs weddings with a natural, elegant approach, highlighting authentic moments and sincere emotions.

Importance of coordination with service providers

  • Once you have chosen your service providers, it is important to coordinate them well. This will help avoid problems and ensure that everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

By choosing quality service providers and coordinating them properly, you can be sure of an unforgettable, stress-free wedding in Marseille.


Find the right wedding suppliers in Marseille and enjoy your special day

Logistics and accommodation for guests

If you have out-of-town guests, it's important to offer them accommodation solutions tailored to their needs and budget.

Accommodation options for a wedding in Marseille

  • Hotels : Marseille has a wide choice of charming hotels to suit all budgets.
    • Château Beaupin The Château Beaupin, located in Marseille's Beau Pin district, offers an elegant and historic setting. This address combines old-world charm with modern services to guarantee a memorable experience for brides, grooms and their guests.
    • InterContinental Hotel The InterContinental Marseille - Hôtel Dieu, located in the historic Panier district, offers a sumptuous setting and top-of-the-range services for weddings, with spectacular views of the Old Port and Notre-Dame de la Garde.
    • Montgrand House The Maison Montgrand hotel, located in Marseille's Vieux-Port district, is the ideal place to welcome wedding guests, offering a charming and intimate setting with its interior garden and private areas.
  • Other solutions : if you have guests traveling on a budget, you can suggest that they stay in youth hostels or bed & breakfasts.
    • Le Transvaal - Guest House Le Transvaal: Le Transvaal guest house, located in Marseille's Chartreux district, offers a charming, historic space for wedding receptions, with the option of privatizing its elegant lounges and gardens.
    • Villa Victoria The Villa Victoria, located in Marseille's Sainte-Anne district, offers a romantic, sea-view setting to welcome wedding guests, with elegant spaces to host celebrations.
    • Château de Bois Luzy The Marseille Château de Bois Luzy youth hostel, perched in a Second Empire-style château in the 12th arrondissement, is an ideal setting for wedding accommodation, offering both historic charm and panoramic views over the city.

Local transport organization

To make it easier for your guests to get from one wedding site to another (airport, hotel, ceremony site, reception site), you'll need to plan transportation solutions to ensure their comfort.

  • Shuttles: you can hire shuttles to take your guests from the airport to the hotel, and from the ceremony site to the reception venue. The local company Phocea Voyages offers bus or other vehicle transportation for guests to various locations.
  • Cabs and VTCs: you can also recommend that your guests take cabs or VTCs to get around town, Cabs Marseillais is a well-known local company.
  • Public transport: Marseille's public transport network is fairly well developed. You can provide your guests with a map of the network and information on bus, metro and streetcar timetables. Wedding guests can buy occasional bus, streetcar and metro tickets on the website Régie des transports de Marseillethe city's public transport operator.


Finding accommodation for wedding guests in Marseille


Activities and entertainment for a memorable wedding

Your wedding in Marseille is the perfect opportunity to introduce your guests to the local culture and offer them an unforgettable experience. Here are a few ideas for incorporating local culture into your wedding and offering entertainment that reflects the spirit of Marseille:

Integrating local culture

  • Provençal music : Hire a Provencal music group to entertain your vin d'honneur or evening reception. Your guests will enjoy discovering the traditional rhythms and songs of Provence.
  • Tasting of local specialities: organize a tasting of local culinary specialities, such as the tapenadepissaladière, bouillabaisse or calissons. Your guests will delight in the authentic flavors of Provence.
  • Guided tours : offer your guests guided tours of Marseille's historic sites and tourist attractions, such as the Old Port, the Mucemor the calanques. They'll discover Marseille's rich heritage and culture.


  • Shows by Provençal folk dance : Treat your guests to a Provençal folk dance show, and let them discover the region's traditions and customs.
  • Fireworks : For a magical finale, organize a fireworks display over the sea or in another picturesque location in Marseille.

By offering activities and entertainment that reflect the spirit of Marseille, you can offer your guests a unique and memorable wedding.


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Administrative and legal formalities for getting married in Marseille

Visit getting married in Marseille involves certain administrative and legal formalities. The steps to be taken depend on whether the spouses are French residents, European nationals or third-country nationals.

French residents

  • Publication of banns : the banns must be published in the town halls of both spouses' home towns.
  • Wedding file : the marriage file must be submitted to the town hall in the place where the wedding is to take place. It includes various documents, such as the spouses' birth certificates, a certificate of matrimonial capacity, and proof of address.
  • Wedding celebration : the marriage is celebrated by a registrar at the town hall.

European citizens

  • In addition to the above, European nationals must also apply for a certificate of matrimonial capacity from their consulate or embassy.

Third-country nationals

  • The procedures for third-country nationals are more complex, and require the production of additional documents, such as a certificate of custom. It is important to contact the consulate or embassy of the country original to find out how to proceed.

Practical advice

  • To simplify the process, we advise you to contact an administrative formalities service specializing in weddings.
  • It's important to start the administrative formalities several months before the wedding, to make sure everything is in order.
  • Respecting deadlines and procedures is essential to ensure the legal conformity of the marriage.

By following these tips and checking with the relevant authorities, you can navigate the local bureaucracy and ensure that your marriage in Marseille in the best possible conditions.

Planning a wedding in Marseille may seem like a daunting task, but with the right good organization and by following the advice in this guide, you can ensure an unforgettable, stress-free wedding. Don't forget to choose a venue that suits your tastes and budget, select quality suppliers, provide comfortable accommodation and transport for your guests, and introduce them to the local culture by organizing authentic activities and entertainment. Marseille, with its idyllic setting, festive atmosphere and rich culture, is a ideal city to celebrate your union.


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Frequently asked questions about weddings in Marseille and wedding venues in Marseille

What's the most beautiful town hall in Marseille?

Marseille has several town halls, each with its own charm. Choosing the most beautiful town hall will depend on your personal tastes and preferences. Here are some of the most popular town halls:

  • Mairie du 1er arrondissement (Vieille Charité) : Located in the former Vieille Charité convent, this town hall offers an elegant, historic setting. The wedding hall, with its stone walls and gilding, is a true architectural gem.
  • Mairie du 6ème arrondissement (Vauban) : This modern town hall, with its large glass roof and sea view, offers a bright and spacious setting. The wedding hall is decorated in a clean, contemporary style.
  • Mairie du 7ème arrondissement (Les Baurettes): This town hall, located in a quiet residential area, offers a peaceful, leafy setting. The wedding hall is decorated in Provencal style, with wooden furniture and warmly-colored fabrics.

How to get married in Marseille

Getting married in Marseille involves certain administrative and legal formalities. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Check marriage conditions: you must be at least 18 years of age, freely consent to the marriage and not already be married.

2. Putting together a marriage file : The marriage file must be submitted to the town hall in the place where the wedding is to take place. It includes various documents, such as the spouses' birth certificates, a certificate of matrimonial capacity, and proof of address.

3. Publish the banns : the banns must be published in the town halls of both spouses' home towns.

4. Celebrating the wedding : the marriage is celebrated by a registrar at the town hall.

Practical tips:

  • Start the administrative procedures months in advance of the wedding.
  • To find out what supporting documents you need to provide and the deadlines to be met, contact the town hall in the place where the wedding is to take place.
  • You can call on an administrative formalities service to help you with the formalities.

By following these steps and obtaining the necessary information from the appropriate authorities, you'll be able to get married in Marseille under the best possible conditions.


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