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Civil wedding dress: the best colors and cuts

Discover trends for your civil wedding dress: explore the best colors and cuts to shine at your ceremony.

Simple yet sophisticated: choosing the perfect civil wedding dress

The civil wedding dress, an emblem elegance and sophisticationIn addition to the wide range of bridal gowns on offer, the brand is constantly renewing itself to offer brides-to-be a variety of styles as varied as they are daring. If the civil ceremony is often the starting point of the wedding celebrations, the purchase of the dress perfect becomes an essential part of marriage preparation. Visit trends This year's bridal collection features vivid hues and innovative cuts, offering every bride the chance to showcase her unique personality while staying true to the spirit of this solemn occasion. Explore the world of civil wedding outfits, where tradition and modernity combine to create memorable outfits.


Chic civil wedding dress


The evolution of the civil wedding dress

Over the years, the civil wedding dress undergone a significant transformation, moving away from standards to adopt a variety of styles andpersonal expressions. In the past, the town hall's attire was characterized by simple and colors discreteIn the past few years, we've seen a wide variety of nuances and forms, reflecting changes in societal attitudes and ways of celebrating unions.

From traditional to contemporary : the traditional dress, often coloured white or creamThis transformation represents a break with established conventions, allowing brides to express their individuality. This transformation represented a break with established conventions, allowing brides to express their own individuality. singularity.

Influence of fashion trends : wedding designers are now drawing inspiration from ready-to-wear trends, incorporating elements such as cut-outs. asymmetricalfabrics fluids and sets. These influences help to infuse a touch of modernity and sophistication civil wedding dresses.

Customization and uniqueness : the personalization plays an essential role in dress selection, as brides look for outfits that tell their story. The creation of a gown that reflects the bride's personality and preferences is emphasized, whether through embroideries made-to-measure belts or colorful accessories unique.

This evolution reflects a growing desire to celebrate love in an authentic and personal way, making the civil wedding dress not just a garment, but a true symbol of love.self-expression.


Simple wedding dresses for civil weddings: a popular choice

Choosing a simple wedding dress for a civil wedding is a decision that often reflects the ceremony's desire for intimacy, elegance and discretion. Civil weddings, usually celebrated in a more intimate setting such as a town hall or small reception venue, call for an outfit that balances sophistication and simplicity.

Features of a simple wedding dress for a civil wedding:

  • Streamlined silhouette: dresses with a straight cut, A-line or even a silhouette flared without too many frills. They offer a chic, streamlined look that complements the sober nature of a civil wedding.
  • Quality fabrics : Opt for light, flowing fabrics like silk, crepe or chiffon. These materials add a touch of elegance without weighing the dress down with excessive detail.
  • Moderate length : A short wedding dress or midi length is ideal for a civil wedding. It offers freedom of movement and suits the more relaxed atmosphere of the ceremony.
  • Subtle details: Details such as a thin belt, lace sleeves or a bare back can add a touch of refinement to the dress without being too extravagant.

White wedding dress

Tips for choosing your dress:

  1. Consider the frame: think about the time and place of your civil wedding. A light dress is perfect for a daytime ceremony, especially in summer.
  2. Stay true to your style: Even if the dress is simple, it should reflect your personality. Choose a dress in which you feel beautiful and comfortable.
  3. Accessorize with taste: Delicate jewelry, a pair of elegant shoes and a bouquet of flowers can complete your outfit without overshadowing it.
  4. Try different options: Even if you have a specific idea in mind, try on different dresses. You might be surprised by what you like best.

Simple wedding dress inspirations:

Simple wedding dress


  • Crepe dress with lace sleeves: combines comfort and elegance, perfect for a discreet ceremony.
  • Silk midi dress: offers a vintage-chic look, ideal for a civil wedding.
  • Chiffon wrap dress: fluid and lightweight, it suits all body types and ensures natural elegance.

By choosing a simple wedding dress for your civil wedding, you opt for timeless elegance. This choice underlines the very essence of the ceremony: the celebration of love and the beginning of a new adventure together.

Chic civil wedding dress

Opting for a chic wedding dress is an elegant way to celebrate your union in a more intimate, formal setting, such as a town hall or small reception venue. This type of dress combines simplicity with a touch of refined elegance, perfect for brides seeking a look that is both sober and sophisticated for their big day.

Characteristics of a chic wedding dress for the town hall:

Chic wedding dress


  • Structured silhouette : dresses with a well-defined cut, such as a sheath silhouette, a trapeze dress or a straight cut, offer a chic, streamlined look.
  • Elegant details: Elements such as Peter Pan collars, lace sleeves, pearl detailing or fine belts add a touch of sophistication without being too ostentatious.
  • High-quality fabrics: Choose fabrics like silk, satin or crepe for an elegant look and impeccable fit.
  • Modest length : A midi or just-above-the-knee dress is ideal for a civil wedding, offering both elegance and ease of movement.

Tips for choosing your chic civil wedding dress :

  1. Think about the setting and the season: adapt your choice of dress to the location and time of year of your civil wedding. A light dress will be perfect for a summer ceremony, while a dress with sleeves may be more appropriate for the cooler months.
  2. Accessorize with discretion: A pair of elegant heels, a sophisticated clutch and delicate jewelry can complete your outfit without weighing it down.
  3. Opt for a refined make-up and hairstyle: Natural make-up and a simple yet elegant hairstyle, such as a low bun or loose hair with soft waves, will complete your look perfectly.

Chic civil wedding dress ideas:

  • Satin sheath dress: for a sophisticated, slightly retro look, ideal for an indoor ceremony.
  • Trapeze dress with lace details: it offers a romantic, feminine touch, perfect for a chic civil wedding.
  • Silk wrap dress : Fluid and elegant, it suits all body shapes and ensures a chic, comfortable look.

By choosing a chic civil wedding dress, you ensure an elegant and memorable presence for your special day. This style of dress is perfect for brides who want to celebrate their love with grace and sophistication, while remaining true to the intimate, personal spirit of a civil wedding.


Trendy colors for a colorful wedding dress

The selection of shades for civil wedding dresses moves away from traditional colors such as red and white. white and ivory to adopt a more scope and bold. This variety reflects brides' desire to personalize their outfits and make their civil wedding a special occasion. genuine which is own.

The traditional : the white dress represents timeless elegance and purity symbolicEven in the more sober context of a civil ceremony. The classic hue, chosen by many brides for its classic look, fits perfectly with the solemn, joyful atmosphere of the big day. At a civil wedding, choosing a white dress helps maintain a connection with the bride's family. tradition while allowing you to play on the cuts and styles to reflect the bride's personality. Whether the white dress is purified and contemporarywith a delicate lace or accents contemporariesIt remains a preferred option for those who wish to celebrate their union with elegance and simplicity.

Pastels revisited: pastel colors, which are always appreciated for their softness and their romanticismare reinvented with subtle shades of lavender, peach and aqua green, offering an alternative to the usual fresh and contemporary to traditional white.


Pastel wedding dress
Pastel wedding dress


Bright, bold colors : vivid colors such as cobalt blue, deep red and even black are making their presence felt for brides who want to make a statement. bold. These bold decisions are ideal for more intimate or unconventional civil ceremonies.

Metallic shades : by incorporating colors metal such as soft gold, silver and bronze, civil wedding dresses add a touch of elegance. glamour and sophisticationideal for those who want a shine subtle.

Natural shades : earthy tones, such as sand, stone grey and olive green, inspired by the beauty of the naturebring a elegance and a connection with natural elements, making them perfect for outdoor civil weddings or weddings with an eco-friendly theme.

Brides have the opportunity to express themselves through their civil wedding attire thanks to these color trends, opting for shades that reflect their personality and the theme of their celebration.


Wedding dress for the town hall: fashionable cuts

The cuts of civil wedding dresses are diversifying, offering brides a freedom to choose a silhouette that not only flatters their body, but also morphologybut also reflects their style staff.

Fashionable wedding dress cuts Fluid silhouette: dresses with shapes fluids and refined are becoming increasingly popular, focusing on comfort while preserving the environment. elegance. These cuts, often made from lightweight fabrics such as muslin or the satinare ideal for simple, intimate ceremonies.

Modern structures : in contrast to flowing forms, modern architectural structures are undergoing a notable evolution. With elements such as shoulders barecut-outs asymmetrical and skirts structuredThese dresses add a bold, contemporary touch.

Short dresses : the short dress is reinvented, adorned with refined details such as embroidery. delicateand tulle overlays or lace finishing. Perfect for civil weddings casual or summerThe short dress combines practicality and sophistication.

Vintage inspirations : cuts borrowed from previous years, such as 50s silhouettes with skirts flared or the lines of the 70s are back. Brides can pay homage to elegance timeless thanks to these styles vintageWe've brought them up to date, while adding their own personal touch.

These trends for civil wedding dress cuts highlight the diversity of choices available to brides, offering them the opportunity to find the dress that suits them. value while recounting a part of their history.


Accessories for your civil wedding dress


Enhancing your wedding dress

Accessorizing your wedding dress is a crucial step to complete your look and make it truly special. unique. Visit accessories play a major role in personalizing brides' outfits, allowing them to express their individual style while adding a touch of elegance. radiance to their ensemble. Especially if you preferred a simple wedding dress for your civil wedding, indulge yourself on the accessories!

Veils and headdresses : Although religious ceremonies are often perceived as more sober than civil weddings, veils and headdresses are still popular options. The wearing of a short veil or a headdress with beads or the reasons floral can add a touch of romantic to your clothes.

Jewelry : Jewelry is an essential part of any civil wedding dress. Choose accessories that add a touch of style to your dress without disturbing it. From earrings subtle, a necklace end or a bracelet can add a touch of elegance to your style without overpowering it.

Shoes are not only an accessory to your dress, they also reflect your personality. personality. Whether you opt for heels refined ballerinas comfortable or even sneakers it's important to make sure that they reflect your style and your lifestyle. agree with your entire outfit.

Belts and ribbons : an accessory like a belt or a ribbon can give a new look to a basic dress, highlighting the waist and adding a touch of color or texture. Choose an accessory that matches your wedding theme and dominant hues.

By adding clever accessories to your civil wedding dress, you get a style harmonious that brings out your natural beauty.

We've searched for civil wedding dresses for you!

Here are a few sites offering a variety of civil dresses:

A selection of dresses specially designed for you, that we love :

Ralph Lauren - Georgette cape cocktail dress

Ralph Lauren - Georgette cape cocktail dress
Ralph Lauren - Georgette cape cocktail dress

Brand : Ralph Lauren

Style: Modern elegance meets understated sophistication in this georgette cape cocktail dress by Ralph Lauren. With its flowing design and delicate cape, this dress embodies a contemporary approach to tradition.

Price : 279.00 €

This Ralph Lauren gown, with its streamlined silhouette and airy cape, is the epitome of timeless elegance, perfect for a civil wedding. Its georgette design gives it a lightness and fluidity that will flatter every movement, while the cape adds a touch of sophistication and mystery. Ideal for the modern bride looking to combine comfort and refinement, this dress promises to make your civil day an unforgettable moment.

ASOS DESIGN Off Shoulder Short Satin Wedding Dress

ASOS Off Shoulder Short Satin Wedding Dress
ASOS Off Shoulder Short Satin Wedding Dress


Style: Short wedding dress

PRICE : 119,00 €

This short off-the-shoulder satin wedding dress from ASOS DESIGN is the epitome of modern sophistication for a civil wedding. The sleek silhouette and ivory satin finish give this piece timeless elegance, while the bare shoulders add a touch of understated sensuality. Perfect for intimate ceremonies or small-scale weddings, this dress combines comfort and style, ensuring that the bride shines in all simplicity. Its affordable price makes it an attractive option for brides looking for an elegant outfit without excess.



Y.A.S - Short wedding dress with V-shaped scalloped back and bow at back

Y.A.S - Short wedding dress with V-shaped scalloped back and bow - White
Y.A.S - Short wedding dress with V-shaped scalloped back and bow - White

Brand : Y.A.S

Style: Short wedding dress with low V-shaped back and bow

Price : 129,99 €

Y.A.S's short wedding dress with V-shaped scalloped back and bow is an ode to femininity and understated elegance, ideal for a civil wedding. This model seduces with its refined simplicity, combining the softness of white with the sophistication of a V-shaped scalloped back, enhanced by a delicate bow for a touch of romance. The short cut offers appreciable freedom of movement, while highlighting the shoes chosen for the big day. Perfect for modern brides looking for an outfit that's both chic and comfortable, this dress embodies the spirit of a contemporary civil wedding, where the emphasis is on intimacy and personality.



Milanoo - Short wedding dress with V-shape scalloped back and bow

Short wedding dress civil wedding dress V-neck V-back zip on back long sleeve length over the knee

Brand : Milanoo

Style: Short wedding dress with low V-shaped back and bow

Price : 188,99 €

With its elegant V-neckline and scalloped back embellished with a bow, is a centerpiece for any civil ceremony. This above-the-knee georgette creation perfectly combines sophistication and simplicity, offering a modern alternative to the traditional wedding dress. What particularly appeals to me about this dress is its ability to combine comfort and elegance, making it ideal for a bride looking for a refined yet practical outfit for her wedding. The bow detail at the back adds a touch of romance and femininity, making this dress a perfect choice for those wishing to mark their special day with a memorable and elegant outfit.


Soirée Blanche - Short wedding dress with feathers

Short Feather Wedding Dress
Short feather wedding dress

Brand : Soirée Blanche

Style: Short feather wedding dress

Price : 450€

The Short Feather Wedding Dress is a true work of art, perfect for brides looking to step out of the ordinary at their civil wedding. What makes this dress so special is its bold blend of tradition and modernity, with delicate feathers adding a touch of whimsy and movement to the classic silhouette. The fit-and-flare cut elegantly enhances the silhouette, while the bare back and thin straps add a touch of discreet sensuality. This dress is ideal for brides who wish to combine elegance and originality, making their civil wedding an unforgettable moment.



Lola Liza - Short white wedding dress

Short wedding dress - Lola Liza
Short wedding dress - Lola Liza

Brand : Lola Liza

Style Short wedding dress

Price : 40,00€

A wrap dress with puffed sleeves and a belt for a refined touch. Perfect for a bride looking for a simple, affordable dress for her civil wedding. This dress is ideal for accompanying you through your memorable moment, while offering optimal comfort. You can accessorize it with more daring jewelry, which is why we like it so much.



Wal G - Lucia skater Dress

Wedding Lucia skater dress
Wedding Lucia skater dress - Wal G

Brand : Wal G

Style: Flared dress

Price : 48,99€

This Lucia skater dress from Wal G represents elegance and simplicity with a modern twist, making it perfect for a civil wedding. Its sleek design and flared silhouette will flatter all body types, while the delicate fabric detail adds a touch of romance. Ideal for celebrations, this dress stands out for its refined simplicity and ability to transform any unique moment.




Sibelle Fashion - White lace dress

White lace dress with sleeves
White lace dress with sleeves

Brand : Sibelle Fashion

Style: Lace, short, with long balloon sleeves

Price : €57,00

This dress perfectly represents the essence of a civil wedding, thanks to its refined elegance and subtlety. The lace adds a romantic note, while the short cut and balloon sleeves bring a surprising modernity. Perfect for a ceremony, it guarantees a moment of comfort and pleasure.





Hazel - Short white dress with ruffles

Short white dress with ruffles
Short white dress with ruffles

Brand : Hazel

Style: Short ruffled dress, white

Price : 79,00€

A gorgeous dress from Hazel, featuring soft ruffles and a bright white hue, is perfect for a civil wedding. With its light, flowing look, this piece combines comfort and elegance, making it the perfect choice for a special day.

Boohoo - Short chiffon dress

Short chiffon dress
Short chiffon dress

Brand : Boohoo

Style: Short dress, silk chiffon, high collar, with straps

Price : 21,00€

This silk chiffon dress combines refinement and fashion. With its short cut and high collar, it offers an elegant look perfect for a civil wedding. Chiffon adds a touch of romance and fluidity thanks to its lightness, making it both comfortable and elegant for your special day.





In short, choosing your civil wedding dress is an excellent opportunity to express your uniqueness while staying true to your style. at agreement with current trends. Whether in shades delicate pastelsthe flowing cuts and refinedor whether you want to make a bold statement with bright colors and modern structuresIt's important to find a dress that really speaks to you.

It is important to remember that accessories play a role essential in achieving your style, and where you choose your dress can have a huge influence on your shopping experience. There are a multitude of options, and every bride can find the dress that will put her in value while celebrating its singular history.

Start your wedding journey with "Shades waves". Make your dream wedding come true with our elegance and perfection.


Questions & answers: FAQ about civil wedding dresses

How to dress for a civil wedding?

For a civil wedding, opt for elegant attire that reflects your personal style while respecting the solemnity of the occasion. Simple dresses, tailored ensembles or even a chic jumpsuit are popular choices. The important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in your outfit.

What dress color for a civil wedding?

Although white remains a classic choice, civil weddings offer more freedom in terms of colors. Pastel shades, shades of cream or even bolder colors like blue or pink are all appropriate, depending on your taste and the theme of your wedding.

What's the difference between a wedding dress and a dress for a civil wedding?

The dress for a civil wedding is generally simpler and less formal than the traditional wedding dress worn in church. It can be short, cocktail-style, or an elegant ensemble, depending on the bride's taste and the character of the ceremony.

How to choose a dress for a civil wedding?

Choose a dress that reflects your personal style and the level of formality of your wedding. Think elegant yet comfortable, suited to the often more intimate setting of a civil wedding.

Where to buy a dress for a civil wedding?

You can explore bridal boutiques, formal wear stores, or even online stores that offer a variety of styles suitable for a civil wedding. Be sure to order well in advance to allow for alterations if necessary.

Who pays for the bride's dress?

Traditionally, the cost of a wedding dress is often borne by the bride's family. Today, however, couples frequently finance their wedding together, which includes the cost of the dress.

What are the requirements for a civil marriage?

Conditions vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but generally you must be of legal age, consenting and not already married. Specific documents such as identity papers and birth certificates may be required. It is advisable to check local requirements well in advance.

Which dress to choose for a civil wedding?

Choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. For a civil wedding, options range from short, simple dresses to more sophisticated outfits. Consider the location and style of your wedding to guide your choice.

How to dress for a wedding without a dress?

If you'd rather avoid a dress, consider an elegant jumpsuit, a chic pantsuit or a midi skirt with a refined top. There are also some very pretty wedding suitsThe trend is growing. The important thing is to choose an outfit that respects the occasion while reflecting your personal style.

What wedding dress for a 50-year-old woman?

Women in their 50s often opt for dresses that combine elegance and comfort. Wrap-around styles, A-line dresses or models with sleeves are both flattering and appropriate. Choose quality fabrics and cuts that enhance your figure.

How should a 60-year-old woman dress for a wedding?

For a 60-year-old woman, an elegant outfit and well-cut is essential. A midi dress, a sophisticated pantsuit or a dress with a matching jacket are excellent options. Choose colors that make you stand out, and sophisticated accessories to complete your look.


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