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The 15 most beautiful wedding venues in Bordeaux

Bordeaux, a city renowned for its elegance and heritage, is a prime destination for couples wishing to celebrate their wedding in an exceptional setting. Known for its renowned vineyards, historic architecture and picturesque landscapes, Bordeaux offers a variety of magnificent venues for an unforgettable wedding. Whether you're dreaming of a wedding in a wine château, an elegant manor house or a modern, urban venue, Bordeaux has something for everyone.

In this article, we take you on a tour of the most beautiful wedding venues in Bordeaux, each offering a unique and memorable experience. From the majesty of the châteaux to the discreet charms of the estates, these venues promise to make your special day absolutely perfect.

Wedding in Bordeaux: the wine châteaux

Château Pape Clément

Wedding venues in Bordeaux: Château de Pape Clément

Château Pape Clément, one of Bordeaux's oldest grands crus, is an emblematic venue for an elegant and refined wedding. This chateau, rich in history and tradition, offers a majestic setting with its extensive vineyards and carefully tended gardens. Couples can enjoy a romantic ceremony in the heart of the vineyards, followed by a reception in the château's historic rooms, where old-world charm blends with understated luxury. For further information, visit Château Pape Clément website.

✔️ One of Bordeaux's oldest grands crus.

✔️ Majestic setting: extensive vineyards and carefully tended gardens.

✔️ Possibility of holding the ceremony in the heart of the vineyards.

✔️ Historic rooms combining old-world charm and discreet luxury.


Château Giscours

Wedding venues in Bordeaux: Château de Giscours

Located in the Margaux appellation, Château Giscours is another jewel in the Bordeaux region, offering a spectacular setting for a wedding. With its impressive architecture and verdant parks, this château is the ideal venue for those looking for a wedding that's both grand and intimate. The château's varied reception areas allow for tailor-made events, from elegant dinners to open-air cocktail parties.

✔️ Located in the Margaux appellation, famous for its architecture and parks.

✔️ A variety of spaces for personalized events.

✔️ Suitable for elegant dinners and outdoor cocktails.


Château de Sanse

Chateau De Sanse

Visit Château de Sansenestled in a verdant setting some twenty kilometers from Saint-Emilion, is the ideal place to celebrate a wedding.

Château de Sanse, an ancient 16th-century building of blond stone, stands proudly amid vineyards and soothing natural surroundings, overlooking the valley. This idyllic setting is perfect for family vacations, romantic weekends or evening getaways. Sandra and Joris, the château's hosts, warmly welcome their guests, offering personalized, attentive service.

✔️ The chateau's authentic ambience, combined with its calm and idyllic setting, creates the perfect atmosphere for a wedding.

✔️ The château offers comfortable, tastefully decorated rooms, providing quality accommodation for guests.

✔️ The château's restaurant serves traditional cuisine with a twist, ideal for an elegant and tasty wedding meal.

✔️ Located near the emblematic town of Saint-Emilion, the château offers easy access to the region's famous vineyards.

✔️ Surrounded by vineyards and nature, the château offers a magnificent setting for wedding photos and outdoor ceremonies.

Château de Sanse is therefore a wonderful choice for couples looking for a wedding in a historic, natural and elegant setting.


Château de la Ligne

The 15 most beautiful wedding venues in Bordeaux:château de la Ligne

Visit Château de la Lignelocated near Bordeaux, is a magnificent wedding venue combining history, elegance and an enchanting vineyard setting.

Château de la Ligne, with its working vineyard, is an integral part of the venue's identity, offering guests not only the beauty of the vines but also the fruits of the vineyard's labor. The château offers two new wines: "Un je ne sais quoi" and "Rendez-vous", which add a unique touch to any wedding celebration.

The chateau site has a fascinating history, dating back to the time of Eleanor of Aquitaine, an iconic figure in the Bordeaux region. The château has a special link with her through a magnificent stone wall, the remains of an ancient monastery she approved in 1147. This wall is often used as a backdrop for wedding ceremonies, offering a blend of present joy and future hope in a sacred, timeless setting.

In 2000, Irish owner Dr Terence Cross bought this Renaissance château and extensively renovated it, respecting its history while bringing modernity and comfort. He replanted the vineyard, which had been abandoned for decades, and introduced an Irish influence that can be felt in the château today, not least through the popularity of its Irish Bar.

Château de la Ligne offers a unique atmosphere where past and present blend harmoniously, ready to welcome the bride and groom and their guests in a setting that is both historic and contemporary.


Château Smith Haut Lafitte

The 15 most beautiful wedding venues in Bordeaux: Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte

Château Smith Haut Lafitte, renowned for its exceptional wines, is also a wedding venue magnificent. Surrounded by vineyards and boasting elegant architecture, this château offers a romantic and peaceful setting. Couples can hold their ceremony in the château's gardens, followed by a reception in the barrel room, where the atmosphere is both warm and sophisticated.

✔️ Known for its quality wines and peaceful setting.

✔️ A natural, serene atmosphere in the heart of the vineyards for the ceremony.

✔️ A warm and sophisticated reception area.


Château La Chèze

The 15 most beautiful wedding venues in Bordeaux: Chateau de la Chèze

Visit Château La Chèzelocated in the Bordeaux region, is a wedding venue that combines historic elegance with natural charm. The château, with its remarkable architecture and lush gardens, offers an idyllic setting for celebrating the happiest day of your life.

✔️ The château's rich, historic architecture provides a majestic setting for a wedding ceremony.

✔️ The chateau's meticulously tended gardens provide a magnificent natural setting for an outdoor reception. ✔️ The château has several spacious reception rooms, suitable for weddings of all sizes.

✔️ Château La Chèze offers an intimate setting, perfect for couples looking for an exclusive location.

✔️ Located near Bordeaux, the château is easily accessible for guests.


Château Gassies

The 15 most beautiful wedding venues in Bordeaux: Chateau Gassies

Located on a unique estate near Bordeaux, overlooking the city and its Garonne River, Château Gassies is the ideal place to stay for a few days while exploring the Bordeaux region and its vineyards.
Château Gassies offers magnificent spaces for your events, whether private or professional.

With its sumptuous 190 m² reception room for up to 150 guests, its authentic 70 m² orangery, and its two spacious, welcoming covered courtyards, Château Gassies can accommodate a wide variety of events. Furniture (tables and chairs) is included. Events can be held until 4:00 am.

Its stone walls, wooden beams, crystal chandeliers and antique mirrors make it the ideal setting for an elegant and refined wedding dinner.


Celebrate your union in an estate or manor house

Domaine de Larchey

Domaine de Larchey

Domaine de Larchey, located near Bordeaux, is an enchanting wedding venue combining natural charm and elegance. This family-run estate offers a verdant, peaceful setting, ideal for an intimate, romantic celebration.

✔️ Natural and peaceful setting Located in the heart of nature, the estate offers a calm and relaxing environment.

✔️ With 3 ranges of individually decorated rooms, the estate ensures comfortable stay for guests.

✔️ Refined cuisine Le 1930 restaurant offers refined southwestern cuisine, ideal for an elegant wedding dinner.

✔️ The grounds of the estate offer chic, bucolic settingplanted with century-old trees, is perfect for secular ceremonies and outdoor receptions.

✔️ Located just 15 minutes from BordeauxThe estate is easily accessible for guests.

✔️ A little extra: La Chapelle Saint Christophe

✔️ The Chapelle Saint Christophe is intriguing, fascinating and an unforgettable backdrop for your wedding photos. It is the charming asset of Domaine de Larchey.

✔️Reconnue by the Holy See, it is possible to receive sacraments here. The chapel can accommodate up to 50 people. The chapel can be decorated to your own taste.

For more information, visit Domaine de Larchey website.


Gaboria Manor

Gaboria Manor

Visit Gaboria ManorManoir de Gaboria, located in Gironde near Bordeaux, is a charming and welcoming place to celebrate a wedding. Here are the key features of the Manoir de Gaboria wedding venue:

✔️ Warm, simple surroundings Emilie, the owner, has created a welcoming atmosphere which is reflected in the meticulous decoration of each room, combining antiques and home-made furniture.

✔️ The estate offers a magnificent natural setting, with a 7-hectare park planted with trees and flowers and benches and armchairs to relax and enjoy the view over the valley.

✔️ Close to nature and animals : The presence of animals and the surrounding nature add a special charm to the place.

✔️ Glarge pool with terraces In summer, guests can enjoy the swimming pool and its terraces offering superb views over fields and vineyards.

✔️ The manor is suitable for hosting groups, seminars or weddings, with personalized service to meet the specific needs of each event.


Domaine de la Dame Blanche

Domaine De La Dame Blanche

The Domaine de la Dame Blanche, located in the Bordeaux region, is an ideal venue for an elegant, country-style wedding. Here are the Domaine de la Dame Blanche wedding highlights:
✔️ The estate, surrounded by greenery and well-kept gardens, offers a peaceful, romantic setting.

✔️ With its traditional architecture and rustic charm, the estate creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

✔️ The estate boasts several indoor and outdoor spaces, suitable for different styles of ceremony and reception.

✔️ The estate can offer accommodation options for brides, grooms and guests, ensuring comfort and convenience.

✔️ Its location near Bordeaux makes it easy for guests to get here, and for those coming from afar to discover the wine region!


Modern, urban venues for a Bordeaux wedding

Darwin, Ecosystem

Darwin stands out as a unique and innovative wedding venue in Bordeaux, perfect for couples looking for an original and eco-responsible setting. Here's an extended description of Darwin for a wedding:

Darwin is a renovated urban wasteland, transformed into a laboratory for ecological and social transition(s). This unique venue blends industrial history with modern design, creating a distinctive urban setting for a wedding. As an eco-friendly ecosystem, Darwin focuses on sustainability and sustainable development, offering a wedding setting that respects the environment and promotes eco-friendly practices.

The site offers a variety of activities, from coworking spaces to restaurants, relaxation and sports areas. This diversity makes Darwin a dynamic and versatile venue, capable of adapting to different wedding themes and styles. Darwin's community approach supports a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, artists and associations, adding a unique social and cultural dimension to your wedding.

By choosing Darwin for your wedding, you're opting for a venue that combines innovation, ecology and social commitment, offering a meaningful and memorable wedding experience.

✔️ Darwin is a renovated urban wasteland, offering a unique blend of industrial history and modern design.

✔️ The site presents itself as a transitional laboratory, ideal for couples looking for a marriage focused on sustainability and innovation.

✔️ Darwin focuses on ecology and sustainable development, offering a wedding setting that respects the environment.

✔️ The site offers a variety of activities, from coworking spaces to restaurants, relaxation areas and sports facilities.

✔️ Darwin supports a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, artists and associations, adding a unique social and cultural dimension to your wedding.

More information on organizing a wedding in Darwin.


Palais de la Bourse

Palais de la Bourse

Visit Palais de la Bourselocated in the heart of Bordeaux, is an emblematic and elegant venue for a grandiose wedding.

Entirely restored, it is located in downtown Bordeaux, offering a historic and prestigious setting for events such as conferences, congresses, gala dinners, meetings, conventions, ceremonies, seminars, training courses, encounters and road-shows. With a surface area of 2700 m², this historic building comprises five modernized spaces, equipped with amphitheaters, bleachers and modular furnishings, allowing great flexibility to adapt to any type of event, including weddings.

The Palais de la Bourse is ideal for corporate meetings, product launches or any other event, making it equally suitable for grand and elegant weddings. Its location near the quays of the Garonne offers magnificent views and a romantic setting for wedding photos. The Palais de la Bourse thus combines architectural elegance with modern facilities, offering a unique and memorable venue to celebrate your union.

✔️ The fully restored Palais de la Bourse is located in the heart of downtown Bordeaux, in a prestigious setting steeped in history.

✔️ With a floor area of 2,700 m², the building is one of the largest in the world. multi-purpose event space includes five modernized spaces, equipped with amphitheaters, bleachers and modular furnishings to suit every type of event.

✔️ Le Palais est parfait for large-scale events It can be used for corporate meetings, product launches or any other event, making it equally suitable for grand and elegant weddings.

✔️ Its location near the quayside offers a magnificent view and a romantic setting for wedding photos.



The Cité du Vin

Bordeaux's Cité du Vin is an iconic cultural venue, offering a unique, modern setting for an urban wedding.

La Cité du Vin is an interactive museum dedicated to the history and culture of wine, offering an immersive, multi-sensory experience. Its bold, modern architecture, with flowing, undulating forms, creates an impressive setting for a wedding. As a unique cultural venue, La Cité du Vin offers versatile event spaces, suitable for wedding celebrations of all sizes.

The advantages of choosing La Cité du Vin for an urban wedding include:

✔️ The building, with its avant-garde design, provides a spectacular backdrop for wedding photos.

✔️ Guests can enjoy a tour of the museum, enriching their experience with discoveries about wine and its history.

✔️ Le Belvédère, located at the top of the building, offers a 360° panoramic view of Bordeaux and the Garonne, ideal for a cocktail party or reception.

✔️ With several catering options, including a brasserie and a snack bar, La Cité du Vin can offer varied, high-quality menus for your wedding meal.

✔️ Located in the heart of Bordeaux, La Cité du Vin is easily accessible for guests, with a variety of transport options.

Visit Cité du Vin is an ideal choice for couples looking for a wedding venue in Bordeaux that combines modernity, culture and urban elegance.


Organize your Bordeaux wedding in an open-air space or garden

Les Jardins de Sardy

Visit Sardy Gardenslocated in the Bordeaux wine region, offer an idyllic, natural setting for a wedding.

The Jardins de Sardy are renowned for their peaceful beauty and romantic ambience, making them an ideal venue for outdoor weddings. These carefully tended gardens, adorned with colorful flowers, ponds and winding paths, offer a picturesque setting for a wedding ceremony or reception.


✔️ The gardens offer a serene environment, surrounded by greenery and natural beauty.

✔️ With its varied landscapes, Les Jardins de Sardy is the ideal location for memorable wedding photos.

✔️ The vast green spaces are ideal for outdoor ceremonies under the Bordeaux sky.

✔️ The gardens can accommodate elegant receptions, with the option of tents and personalized decorations.

✔️ Les Jardins de Sardy offers an intimate and exclusive setting, allowing brides and grooms to celebrate their union in a private environment.

This makes Les Jardins de Sardy a wonderful choice for couples who want an outdoor wedding in Bordeaux, surrounded by the natural beauty and tranquility of the gardens.


Majolan Park

Parc De Majolan

Parc de Majolan, located in Blanquefort near Bordeaux, is a romantic public park created at the end of the 19th century. Designated a "Remarkable Garden", the park is an example of modernity for its time, and offers an idyllic setting for an open-air Bordeaux wedding.

The Parc de Majolan is a life-size illustration of the skills of the architects, engineers, craftsmen and artists of the late 19th century. Starting from nothing, a 20-hectare marshy area was transformed into a magnificent park with a 4-hectare lake, created from the Jalle river running through the site. The artificial grottoes and canyons, with their fountains and water geysers, are marvels of hydraulic ingenuity and mastery of the art of rock carving.

✔️ The park offers a romantic setting with man-made grottoes, a lake and a variety of bridges.

✔️ The 20 hectares of parkland provide a magnificent natural setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony in Bordeaux.

✔️ Park structures such as grottoes and bridges add a touch of originality and elegance to the event.

✔️ The park, with its varied landscapes, is ideal for memorable wedding photos.

✔️ Located in Blanquefort, the park is easily accessible for guests coming from Bordeaux and the surrounding area.

Visit Majolan Park is a wonderful choice for couples who want an outdoor wedding, surrounded by the natural beauty and history of a remarkable garden.


As we explored the most beautiful wedding venues in Bordeaux, we discovered a variety of magnificent settings, each offering a unique experience to celebrate the union of two people. From the historic elegance of wine châteaux to the rustic charms of estates and manor houses, the originality of modern, urban venues and the natural beauty of open spaces and gardens, Bordeaux proves to be an exceptional wedding destination.

Each place we've explored has its own unique characteristics that make it special. Whether you're drawn to the history and tradition of wine châteaux, the bucolic charm of estates and manor houses, the contemporary ambience of urban spaces, or the serenity of gardens, Bordeaux has something to suit every taste and style.

The importance of choosing the perfect venue for your wedding cannot be underestimated. It sets the mood for your special day, influences your wedding photos, and leaves lasting memories in the hearts of everyone involved. We hope this exploration of the most beautiful wedding venues in Bordeaux has inspired you and will help you find the venue that best reflects your love story and your dreams for your big day. Looking for suppliers? Don't forget to visit Salon du Mariage de Bordeaux !

Ultimately, whatever venue you choose, the most important thing is that your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other. Bordeaux, with its wealth of beautiful venues, is ready to host your celebration and make it an unforgettable experience.


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