Prepare your marriage proposal!

For you, it's a certainty: she's the right person and you want to live with her, make a home and carry out many projects together.

All you need is a little help to finalize your project and make this beautiful declaration of love a reality.

Shades Waves is here to help accompany you in this nice project.

As a wedding planner for many years, Vanessa de lShades Waves agency helps you plan your wedding proposal and find the most beautiful scenario!


A marriage proposal isn't that easy to organize, sometimes you lack inspiration, ideas or even courage.

Nothing serious !!!!
We're here to accompany you on this emotionally-charged adventure.

You'll need all the help you can get to follow through on your desires and pronounce with great emotion, "Will you marry me?"

Most of the time, it's the men who ask their future wives to marry them, but the trend is starting to change, and some women don't hesitate to ask their men to marry them.

The important thing is to create a moment that reflects your image: magical, moving, romantic, unusual and, above all, unique!

Our mission at Shades Waves is to bring out the best in your love and make the moment sublime. 

Whether for the organizationmanaging your wedding proposal or the big day or even installationDiscreet and attentive to your wishes, we'll be your little fairies.
If it's a surprise, we'll be out of sight, out of mind!


Well, wedding planning is our business, but also a great passion.

Prevention is better than cure, so to anticipate unpleasant surprises and blows of fate, we prepare everything in advance because the magic lies in the details.

We don't rush into things, and we leave ourselves enough time so as not to organize everything in a hurry.

The Shades Waves agency is able to supporting your project as soon as the proposal is made, to make this unforgettable moment with a expertise and a address book who can answer all your questions.


As before any marriage proposalit's important to take the time to understand reflection and to ask yourself the right questions, if you wish to respect a traditional protocolas a function of your convictionsWe'll guide you through every step.


A ring for Monsieur? Why not?
There are more and more of them, of all types.
But if your future husband isn't much of a jeweller, there's nothing to stop you swapping the traditional ring for something a little more... staff.
The important thing is that he's touched and impressed by your request, so a symbolic gift might be more to his liking.
First of all, you need to find the perfect ring, and for that you can trust us. Shades Waves will show you the best ones. jewelers, tattoo artists or give you ideas to suit your budget and your desires.


The location and atmosphere of the proposal will be forever etched in our memories.. Above all, the most important thing to remember is that you are the main creator of the atmosphere!
Of course, you can propose absolutely anywhere, but it's a good idea to choose one that's right for you. a place with meaning for both of you and where you feel at ease, calm and natural (favorite places, symbolic places...).


A marriage proposal is magical. No matter where, how or how you propose, it will always be a special moment in your life. moment in your hearts.
There will be emotional peaksFor each application, no matter how it is prepared, there are three main stages: the suspenseRomanticism and emotion of the moment. Treat your other half to an avalanche of emotions with the help of Shades Waves agencywho can also help you organize your engagement and D-Day.

Vanessa and the Shades Waves Agency team
Wedding & Event Planner
Instagram: shades_waves_weddingplanner




Project manager for over 10 years, including 4 years abroad, entrepreneurial mom and passionate about events, I'm here to help you coordinate your big day and organize your entire wedding.

As a representative of the Shades Waves franchise in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, and as the architect of your dreams, my team and I will be at your service to help you realize your project.

As an expert in organization, my experience, professionalism and attention to detail will be our watchwords in assisting you.

Together, we create the unique.

There's nothing so beautiful as a well-adjusted, peaceful marriage... Pierre Charron


I'm Joëlle, born in Beirut and having lived in Rio de Janeiro, the love of weddings and the charm of nature have always attracted me.
Passionate about Provence and the wonders of southern France, I moved to Marseille.

Coming from a paramedical background, my work as a nurse has given me a solid grounding in organization, dedication and attention to detail.
It has also enabled me to develop the listening skills that are essential in both my professional and personal life.

After training as an event and wedding planner in Aix-en-Provence, it is with great pleasure and passion that I will design and organize your big day. Together, we'll create unforgettable moments that will stay with you forever.

Whether you want a timeless Parisian wedding, a romantic Provencal wedding or a unique wedding in a heavenly location, I'll be at your side to help you design the wedding that suits you, with elegance and chic à la française.

I look forward to meeting you!


After a 15-year career in Paris in the events industry and a move to be closer to her family in the South-East of France near the Gulf of Saint Tropez, Vanessa Roussel, created the Shades Waves agency in 2016, passionate about her job, dynamic and motivated to take up every challenge that organizing a wedding represents.

Always listening to her customers, ready to innovate, curious about life, she enjoys discussing the projects entrusted to her with future brides and grooms, to get to know you better and suggest the best scenography to suit you and create emotion.

A perfectionist at heart, she will organize your wedding or corporate event as if it were her own, with method and rigor, meticulousness and good humor, always planning the smallest detail.


My name is Florence and I accompany future brides and grooms from the conception to the coordination of their wedding. Weddings have always been a dream of mine!
So, in 2019, I'm training to become a wedding planner and event project manager at the Jaëlys school in Aix-en-Provence.
Since 2020, as a private event planner, I've had the honor of helping couples organize and coordinate their weddings.
I specialize in elegant, romantic and refined weddings, for a French-speaking clientele looking to get married in Provence. A native of Aix-en-Provence, I've made the South-East my playground.
From Provence and its vineyards, to the Côte d'Azur and its seaside resorts, to the snow-capped mountains of the Alps, I'll accompany you wherever your love takes you.
My watchwords are: patience, kindness, calm, organization, discretion and respect.
I draw my inspiration from literature, beautiful things and the charm of the old.
Let's talk about your beautiful project.


I'm Bilitis, mother of an adorable little girl and entrepreneur. I have the pleasure of living on the Côte d'Azur, near Toulon, in the South of France. Before obtaining my wedding planner diploma, I trained at EFMM, which I obtained in 2018.
I'd been organizing private events for several years before turning to my profession.
My greatest pleasure? Creating unique, innovative and exciting experiences that reflect my customers' image. My aim is to help my customers organize unforgettable, festive events.
I bring a dynamic, innovative and organized perspective to every event. My love of planning and attention to detail are sure to create the perfect ambiance for your special day.
I'll be there to support you with the tools you need to ensure that "organization" rhymes with "tranquility and serenity".