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Feet in the water

Crédit photo : Shades Waves
Crédit photo : Shades Waves

In July 2019, the planning of a beach wedding begins, and Shades Waves agency specializes in beach venues for uniting couples.

The young couple is used to going down to Lavandou, close to Saint-Clair beach in Var, for many years.

The couple has many memories since they met on a beach, so it was obvious for them to get married here.

During our first meeting with the future newlyweds, we learn that in a few months, they will be the proud parents of a little girl. Emotions arise as their daughter will be present for their wedding.

The bride, due to her profession as an architect, already has a precise idea in mind for the decoration and atmosphere she wishes to create on this day.

Bohemian, chic and convivial!

Our first mission is to introduce them to the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Quickly,we chose the Plage du C Beach, which is located on one of the most beautiful coves of the French Riviera.
The water has different shades of blue, there is abundant Mediterranean vegetation, and there is only one private beach on this cove which makes this place unique.

Since the couple is based in Paris, we organize weekend visits and meetings with various service providers for them: caterers, photographers, videographers, florists, musicians, town hall officials, makeup artists, and hairdressers.

During a tasting, they chose shared dishes for the center of the tables. They decided on grilled prawns and beef ribs accompanied by Provençal vegetables and a delicious truffle gratin. The convivial aspect will be felt during this dinner.

Traditionally, the starter, main course, cheese, and dessert are served on individual plates by servers. Increasingly, we receive requests from future brides and grooms for shared dishes. This concept allows guests to chat more naturally together.

Crédit photo : Shades Waves

Details make perfection, as they say!

We start by taking care of the bride’s favorite part: the decoration. After creating the mood board, the florist makes a custom proposal. Quickly, they agree on all the wedding services.

The floral decoration is composed of various elements: lots of pampas grass that perfectly matches the beach, eucalyptus foliage, colorful flowers, zinc vases, a round arch, a floral arrangement for the town hall, and one for the secular ceremony that will adorn Mr. Le Maire’s desk and the officiant’s podium… Can you imagine the final result?

Over the following months, everything falls into place.

There is an essential part left to define: the Day-of Timeline!

The future spouses have chosen an August date to celebrate their union. As you can imagine, it is still the high season for the beaches of the French Riviera. The planning of the Day-of Timeline is precise to the minute and entirely customized for this wedding. The setup timing is tight. It’s a challenge for our team, and we love taking on challenges!

Like a conductor, we have calculated and parameterized every detail so that each service provider is on time and can organize themselves to deliver the requested service.

Each professional has received a detailed timeline, and everyone is ready for the Day-of Timeline!

Crédit photo : Shades Waves

The big day is approaching…

A scorching sun… 35 degrees, a very pleasant breeze, the preparations can begin.

The bride has been in a separate location from her future husband since the day before.

The first step will be the civil union at the town hall of Lavandou. The choice of her outfit is beautiful and fits her perfectly! It is an iconic piece from the Rime Arodaky collection, the Patsy jumpsuit.
The sleeves are covered in hand-embroidered floral details, and a tulle train ensures a very elegant look.

While the future spouses head to the town hall, preparations continue on the beach.
The secular ceremony is taking shape…

Wooden benches facing the sea are set up, a welcome sign on a flowered easel, a wooden wall with the couple’s initials created to measure, an arch positioned facing the sea, rattan armchairs, a central aisle decorated with zinc vases and demijohns embellished with pampas.

The couple has chosen to integrate certain rituals from the Jewish religion during their ceremony, such as the ritual of breaking the glass. We advise them to call upon a ceremony master who knows how to master all the rituals, Mr. Serge Amoudou of One Day Event.

After their civil union, the bride goes to get ready for the big moment. Emotions rise, she puts on her wedding dress, changes her hairstyle and makeup. In the meantime, the guests gradually arrive on the beach for a refreshment with their feet in the sand and settle on the wooden benches adorned with cushions. The ceremony aisle leading to the beautifully flowered arch, under which 2 wooden armchairs are located, is decorated with a bench on every two with demijohn vases in which pampas have been put. We organize the procession of bridesmaids and witnesses so that they get ready to make their entrance before the couple.

The music starts, the procession takes their places, everyone takes their seats.

It’s the turn of the groom and his mother to make their entrance, and then… we invite the guests to look towards the horizon.

In the distance, a boat approaches, the bride embarked from the port of Lavandou. Another lighter boat, which can dock on the beach, is heading towards them to welcome the bride on board. The bride is at the bow of the boat, the sea is calm, and many vacationers are stationed near the ceremony location to see the bride disembark.

When the boat docks on the fine sand of Fossette beach, the bride’s father welcomes her with eyes filled with emotion, takes her hand, and leads her to her future husband.

The emotion is palpable among the guests, the family, and even vacationers who stayed to witness an extraordinary spectacle on a beach in August.

The ceremony can begin… many texts are read by the family and witnesses, recounting the childhood of the bride and groom. The most touching moment was when the couple exchanged their vows, their words were powerful and filled with palpable loving sentiments.

At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds walk up the aisle under the applause of the many guests who came to witness their union.

Crédit photo : Shades Waves
Crédit photo : Shades Waves
Crédit photo : Shades Waves

The cocktail begins,

followed by dinner and dancing, the atmosphere is perfect!

When you get married on a beach, the place is so magical that it creates a special
atmosphere for your big day.

If you want to get married on a beach, contact Shades Waves agency, which specializes in this type of event.

Let’s look back on this event in a few figures :


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