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Crédit photo : Shades Waves
Crédit photo : Shades Waves

At the end of 2019, a young couple contacted us to organize their wedding. They live in Paris and know the South of France very well because the future groom grew up there and his family has always lived there.


To give their guests the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful Côte d’Azur. We then took on this mission by searching for a location that would make the couple say “Wow”. This was the top priority for Shades Waves Agency above all else! After numerous searches and thorough visits, we found the perfect place!

An exchanged look between the future spouses made it clear that this was the right place for them. The emotion was inevitable, and Shades Waves Agency was there to make their dream come true: to get married in an authentic and romantic location by the sea.

Our entire profession takes on meaning, and the overall organization of the wedding can begin! Before anything else, a study of the locations is essential in order to respect the wishes of the future spouses.

A small note on the history of the castle…

It was discovered by the Romans over 2000 years ago. Since medieval times, the castle has been acquired by different families, incorporating numerous constructions and renovations over the course of history. Some families who frequented the high society of the French Riviera organized sumptuous parties for European aristocracy, a few years after Marie and Henry Clews, American expatriates and lovers of French heritage, undertook to embellish the castle in order to restore it to all its former glory.

As our future newlyweds are often remote, we prepare numerous meetings for them before their arrival in the South. As we like to say, we organize marathon weekends, without forgetting the necessary moments of relaxation so that they can leave feeling serene about their wedding planning.

Crédit photo : Shades Waves

The scenography

A proposal for the scenography is put in place, including the general atmosphere, floral decoration, stationery, materials, colors… The first mood board is presented! After modifying a few details, the couple can picture it. A chic and sleek decoration becomes evident for them. They begin working with the floral designer, and step by step all the elements come together.

White peonies, white roses, garlands of foliage, floating candles, a starry sky suspended in the main courtyard, round tables for guests and rectangular tables for the bridal party, crystal chairs, tall vases, golden cutlery, white porcelain tableware…

Can you start to visualize it? We will show you a bit more.


Our mission as Wedding Planners is refined throughout this year of organization by settling every detail with each service provider. Each service provider has a specific mission, and Shades Waves Agency is there to orchestrate everything with a pinch of anticipation, rigor, and creativity: these are the keys to a successful wedding! We were fortunate to have a real Dream Team of service providers for this wedding. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with attentive professionals.

The big day arrives, and it is a great joy for us and the newlyweds.

In the morning, we take care of the bride, ensuring that she has everything she needs while she is pampered. We put on her dress, take it out of its cover, and set up the accessories that will complete her outfit. It is a powerful moment of emotion when the bride realizes that today is the day!

Crédit photo : Shades Waves


The florist delivers the bouquet, and at the same time, we welcome the mother of the bride who will discover her daughter in the middle of her preparation. The photographer is in place, the door opens, the mother and daughter’s eyes meet… An explosion of emotions! It’s their moment, a unique family sharing that we particularly cherish.

It’s 11am, time to leave for the Cannes town hall, located not far from the Croisette. Their closest family and friends are ready, the groom has a smile on his face waiting for his future wife. The bride arrives, accompanied by her brother with whom she is very close. It’s the groom’s turn to be moved, he realizes that it’s the moment!

The bride gets out of the car, her eyes shining, the future groom embraces her and compliments her. Love is felt very quickly as soon as they are reunited!

After a beautiful ceremony officiated by the Mayor of Cannes, the bride goes back to her apartment with her bridesmaids and the groom does the same in his family home in Cannes. The second part of the preparations begins.

They have chosen the magnificent Notre-Dame d’Espérance church in the heart of Cannes to celebrate their union. The guests arrive on the church square. The guests are all very elegant, they take their seats in the church and a beautiful atmosphere is created between the two families.

The emotion rises a notch!

We give the go-ahead for the bride to appear on the square, escorted by her father. We install her beautiful wedding dress and veil for her entrance. She is beautiful! There are no other words, this dress perfectly suits her morphology and her long blonde hair is highlighted. After the religious ceremony, at the exit of the newlyweds, a crazy love is felt in the eyes of the guests, parents and newlyweds. Our first missions are accomplished.

Crédit photo : Shades Waves
Crédit photo : Shades Waves


At the Château, everything is ready to welcome the newlyweds and their guests. Thanks to our numerous technical meetings beforehand that the Shades Waves Agency organized, everything is going as planned, the tables are set, the team of floral decorators finish installing the last bouquets on the tables, the starry sky overlooks the courtyard, sound checks are finished, and it’s up to us to check table by table the last details: table names, welcome sign, guest gifts, seating plan…


In our line of work, attention to detail is crucial, and that works well for us as we are very perfectionist! Let’s not forget that our first mission is to satisfy all the wishes of our future married couples.

It’s now time for the couple to arrive for their photo shoot in the castle gardens. We let them enter the courtyard to discover their reception. Inevitably, we observe them from afar to see their reaction… With stars in their eyes, they embrace each other, YES we did it!

We invite them to enjoy this intimate moment with the photographer and videographer to take some beautiful photos before they join their guests.

Crédit photo : Shades Waves

Crédit photo : Shades Waves
Crédit photo : Shades Waves
Crédit photo : Shades Waves


Meanwhile, our mission continues as we welcome guests who naturally head towards the cocktail area located on a beautiful terrace by the water.
The newlyweds arrive on the terrace with their champagne flutes! Here we go, the festivities begin. Live-cooking culinary workshops, speeches from the family, gentle summer warmth, sea view… everything is here! The atmosphere quickly heats up thanks to the talent of the saxophonist, the tone is set!


We invite the guests to make their way to the courtyard to dine under the stars. No one has seen the decoration in this area, as the goal is for them to discover the different spaces of the Château throughout the evening. The expected effect happens, and they find themselves in the heart of the Château in a magnificent, timeless decor.

Meanwhile, we accompany the newlyweds to the ramparts of the Château overlooking the courtyard for their entrance. A distribution of sparklers is organized, the DJ and saxophonist are getting ready… and here we go! The atmosphere keeps on rising, people dance around the tables to welcome the newlyweds.

The frenzied atmosphere has given way once again to emotion. A real emotional rollercoaster for them. As soon as the wedding cake arrives, the DJ heads into the Gothic room.

This room perfectly embodies the atmosphere of a castle, with a very high ceiling, vaults, and sumptuous stained-glass windows. Careful lighting, planned over several months, has made this magnificent room come alive. Time for the dancefloor! The guests quickly gather and dance until the end of the night.

Crédit photo : Shades Waves
Crédit photo : Shades Waves


A little break for us, it’s time to get a few hours of sleep before preparing the brunch. We leave the castle after briefing all the vendors.

The day breaks with scorching sunshine, perfect weather for a brunch on a beach in Cannes. We stop by the castle to make sure everything is in order as planned with the vendors. At the same time, we retrieve some floral decorations for a brunch reminder.

As soon as we arrive at the beach, the restaurant team has set up a grand Live-cooking buffet, pastries, refreshing drinks, and sun loungers with towels are ready. All that’s missing is the guests. The atmosphere is relaxed, everyone is smiling and coming to congratulate us.

The newlyweds arrive! Our biggest reward is their thanks. They could hardly believe the magnificent evening they just had. It was pure joy to see them so happy! It’s time for us to let them relax on their last day. Our mission is over, a year of planning comes to an end, always a bit nostalgic for us.

Let’s look back on this event in a few figures :


And the newlyweds hugging us to thank us for assisting
them throughout the entire adventure … the organization of a wedding!

Vanessa & Emma